Buying a koi carp | What do you need to know?

buy koi carp

Have you been thinking about buying a koi carp? Then there are a number of things you should pay attention to! First of all it is of course important that you construct a good koi pond or have it installed. What needs to be done afterwards is explained here.

Of course you can buy a koi yourself. With the following tips you can be sure that you are doing this the right way and are buying a healthy koi carp for the right amount. If you make your purchase too quickly because of your enthusiasm, this can be annoying.
Koi carps are not cheap. So think in advance what kind of koi carp you want to buy.

Do you want to buy a small / young koi carp or do you prefer a somewhat larger koi? For both, the koi carps can best be bought at a specific time of the year. It varies every year, but in general the months of September and October are the most suitable for buying a koi carp. The koi carp is of the best quality. The water has cooled down and contains fewer parasites. In addition, the price for a koi carp is more interesting because Japan exports many new koi carp in November and December.

How much does a koi cost?

The price of a koi carp depends on several factors, being:

  • type of koi
  • the appearance of the fish
  • the age
  • male or female
  • dealer status
  • length
  • health / fitness

The price of koi carp can range from a few tens to even 50,000 euros (the most expensive koi carp ever was even worth 2,200,000 dollars).

Where can you buy a koi carp?

The next question is: where do I want to buy a koi carp? You can do this at three types of vendors, namely:

  1. Garden centers
    You can visit a general garden center to buy a cheap koi carp. However, in most cases they have less knowledge about the koi carp and the quality of your purchase may be less.
  2. Specialized koi carp stores
    If you are just starting to love koi carp, it is advisable to choose a specialized koi carp shop. Not only do they sell better koi carps, they can also give you more tips about care, for example, or how you can best get the fish used to their new environment in your koi pond.
  3. Hobby growers
    There are hobby breeders and there are hobby breeders .. It is always a risk when you buy a koi carp from a hobby grower. Some breeders have years of experience and sometimes even know more than staff at specialized koi carp stores, but there are of course also koi carp breeders who have just started breeding and do not yet know what they are doing.

Check the checklist below with aspects that you should pay attention to when you buy a koi carp.

Checklist for in the koi carp stores, hobby growers and garden centers

When you are going to buy a koi carp you do this with a good checklist. The first thing you look at is the quality of the water in which the koi carps swim. Is the water clear or cloudy? In the latter case you should definitely not purchase a koi carp here. Cloudy water is of poor quality and this has a negative effect on the koi carps.

Note the smell. Does it smell fishy? Then leave these koi carps there. This odor is often an indication of dead or sick fish. And of course you don’t want to let go of a sick koi carp in your pond.

Environment of the koi carp..Indication of ..
Water is not clearPolluted water
Fishy smellSick / dead fish nearby

The koi carp itself may of course not have any signs of illness. You can find these signs here.

View all the fish that swim around it. Are there many copies among them that behave strangely or do not look good? Then look further at another dealer. Also don’t forget to ask if there is active testing for KHV (Koi Herpes Virus). A good dealer does this with some regularity.

View how the dealer deals with the koi carps; Are you asking the seller to get the koi carp out of the water and does he do this with bare hands? Then that is a bad sign! It is important that the fish is handled with care and always taken out of the water with a net.

Do you want to buy a young koi? Then the width of the head and the mouth are the most important things to look out for. Koi carps have the greatest chance of growing up if they have a broad head and mouth from an early age.

Placing the koi after the purchase

After buying you usually get the koi carp in a plastic bag. Transport this bag in a box to keep the stress level of the fish as low as possible. When you return home you can choose to first put the fish in a quarantine box or to release it immediately in the pond. First place the bag of water on the pond water so that the temperature can match. After 20 minutes you slowly let the pond water run into the bag to make the transition so smooth