Koi carp diseases | Prevent, recognize and cure

koi diseases

It is always annoying if one of your koi carp is sick. That is why it is good as a koi carp hobbyist to know how you can prevent koi diseases. In addition, it is also important to know how to recognize koi diseases and how to cure koi diseases.

Prevent koi carp diseases

Keep the water in which the koi carps swim clean. You can do this by replacing 10 to 20% of the water every week. In between, it is recommended to regularly check and adjust the water quality. And it is also important to have a good filter with sufficient filter capacity.

Also make sure that the koi don’t have too much. The best is no more than one koi carp per 1000 liters of water. The fewer koi carp, the less likely a carp will transfer a disease to another carp.

It is also better to buy the koi carps at an authorized dealer. And first place the new koi carp in quarantine after purchase, so that you can check whether the fish has no disease. Feeding the fish is also important, give your fish good quality food so that they get the right nutrients.

Recognize koi carp diseases

Recognizing koi carp diseases is very important for the health of the fish. The sooner you find out that a fish is sick, the greater the chance that a treatment will start, and the sooner you can place the fish in quarantine so that it does not infect other fish.

Diseases often express themselves in strange behavior. An example of this is sanding along walls and the bottom. This can mean that the fish suffers from parasites. Another example of strange behavior is jumping out of the water a lot. In that case it may be that there is irritation to the skin or gills of the carp. If the fish has difficulty swimming straight, there may be a condition at the swim bladder.

In addition to strange behavior, pay attention to deviations in the body of the koi carp. For example, puffy eyes may indicate abdominal dropsy. And outstanding scales can mean that there is a fluid retention behind the cuticle pouch.

Note the following symptoms. These can tell you what kind of illness the koi carp can have.

Koi carp shows ..Indication of ..
Clearly visible parasitesParasites
Sanding along walls and soilParasites
Jump or fast movementsParasites
Accelerated gill movementsOxygen deficiency or parasites in the gills
White layer / fluff over the scalesOxygen deficiency
White, brown or black bumpsBacterial infection, parasites
Worm-like threads on the bodyParasites – Anchor worms
Outstanding scales (fluid retention behind scales)Parasites, abdominal dropsy, bacterial infection, wounds
Red veins on the skinStress
Red spots / bumpsParasites and / or bacterial infection
Bulging eyesVitamin deficiency, fat / moisture behind the eyes

Koi carp cure diseases

As a koi hobbyist, it is possible to treat your fish yourself. Much information can be found in books or on the internet. But cure koi carp diseases is not for everyone, so when in doubt it is always best to call in a vet.

An example of a treatment is that for the common “white spot disease”. In this case you place the fish in quarantine in which the salt content of the water is 0.5%. You can also increase the heat of the water to 26 degrees Celsius for two weeks. This way the parasite eggs hatch faster, and they will also be killed.

This is just one example of treating Koi carps diseases. Many other diseases can also be treated by yourself.