Building a koi pond | Costs and approach

Having and taking care of koi fish is a fun and at the same time challenging hobby. They are beautiful fish that can become very large. Are you going to purchase koi fish? Then you can construct a koi pond. The following step-by-step plan makes it a lot easier to do that.
You can have a pond built in two ways.

  1. A preformed pond
  2. A koi pond that you shape yourself.

Which option you choose depends, for example, on what space you have available and the preference you have for the shape of the pond.

Laying costs of koi pond

The costs for a koi pond naturally depend on how large you want the pond to be. In general you can assume the following costs (including construction):

Koi pond excluding Koi of 10 m3€4,000 – €5,000
Pond pump€100 – €1,500
Filter €100 – €1,000

Several things that you need in advance are: pond liner or pond, pond pump, pond plants and a pond filter. Purchase these products at a store that supplies quality items. Koi fish need a good pond or they will not survive long. It can be unwise to save money on this.

The pond filter and pond pump

The final step is to install the pond filter and the pond pump. If you do not use plants, the quality of the pond filter and pond pump is very important. For a good pump there are a number of points that you should pay attention to.

First, the number of liters of water in the koi pond. You can easily calculate this by doing the depth x the length x the width.
Secondly, you must determine which filter system you place in the koi pond. The filter and the pump must connect well. There are two types of filters that you can use for a koi pond: bead filter or multi-chamber filter.

The multi-chamber filter is often the best choice. It consists of 3 to 5 rooms that can also be easily exchanged. Of the two possible arrangements, gravity and pump lining, the latter is the most popular. The pump channels the water to the filter placed above the water via a pipe or hose. Like a kind of waterfall it comes back into the pond.

You can also opt for the bead filter. The beads, granules, that are present in the filter ensure both mechanical and biological filtration. Here too it is necessary to place a pre-filter. However, due to the easy maintenance of the filter, it is a good option. The multi-chamber filter requires the least energy from a pump and therefore costs less money. If you place one of the two other filters then you will have to use a more powerful pump.

The capacity of the pump is also determined by the size of the pond and the species. All the water must have passed through the filter within 2 hours. Depending on the amount of liters in the water, you can therefore determine how powerful your pump should be. Have you installed the pump and filter? Then the pond is ready for use!

Tips for the construction

  • keep pond away from direct sunlight
  • accessible enough for maintenance
  • the pond must be at least 150 cm deep
  • dechlorinator in the water before the koi enters the new pond
  • gravel on the bottom for protection
  • beneficial bacteria (nitrifying bacteria) in the water